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View the value of the pilot project participation to date

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Lessons Learned from Collaborating on the CDS wiki:

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Examples of Value Received by Collaborative Participants


Siraj Anwar (Memorial Hermann) 

  • We are currently looking at only adult age groups (greater than 17 years) for VTE prophylaxis. One of the other organizations in this collaborative is purely a pediatric hospital (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) and after discussing with them it seems ideal that we also incorporate VTE prophylaxis for our pediatric age group. We are in the process of developing a system-wide approach for VTE prophylaxis for adults and I will take this information forward for inclusion of all age groups. 
  • Took back some of the paper based risk stratification tools to show how we could approach the paper based process. We have a hybrid system where we are doing completely electronic in two facilities and entirely paper in the other facilities. As mentioned, we are in the process of developing a system-wide approach to VTE prophylaxis and since we have a hybrid process, this will be a great help. 


Luis Saldana (Texas Health Resources) 

  • Learn about the importance of identifying and mapping existing workflows and stakeholders in the design of CDS interventions
  • Leveraged the key learnings from fellow participants to share within our own organizations to help to establish baseline or idealized processes or best practices
  • Share key process and outcome measures which might serve to help us to measure project progress, success or failure.
  • Learned about challenges in developing valid metrics, and in structuring the CDS build to facilitate data collection and measurement
  • Help to identify internal and external barriers to design and implementation, and how to overcome these barriers
  • Share technical barriers that might be encountered and how to address the challenges of existing and future technical functionality in the design and implementation of CDS interventions


Comments (1)

Joel Shoolin, D.O. said

at 1:34 pm on Sep 3, 2009

Interesting to see what others are doing across the country, both in the adult and pediatric environments
Identifying workflow from a physician, nursing and pharmacy perspective
Seeing how risk assessments are done and by whom
Hoping to glean more on the measurement of success

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