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Hello!  The HIMSS Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Task Force helps guide and execute HIMSS efforts to ensure that CDS delivers on its promise to improve care delivery processes and outcomes.

Terms and Conditions of Use:  Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use to understand rules that govern your participation in this wiki.

Please note:   Contents of this wiki have not been updated since July 2010.   Please visit HIMSS CDS and CDS 101 web sites for current information and updates.  If you have any questions or would like to participate in the HIMSS CDS Task Force, contact pjohnson@himss.org

Primary CDS Task Force Activity Areas


1.  Supporting Providers in Leveraging CDS to Achieve Meaningful Use: 


Federal incentives and penalties related to achieving 'Meaningful Use' of EHRs are just one manifestation of the growing imperative to measurably improve the quality, safety and cost of care delivery.  CDS is a powerful tool for ensuring that stakeholders in care processes have the information needed to make decisions that lead to these better outcomes. 


The CDS Task Force is engaged in a variety of inter-related activities to synthesize and disseminate successful approaches for harnessing CDS in achieving meaningful use and related healthcare performance improvement objectives.  Below is an overview of these activities, with links to further details.  Please look over these materials and jump into the fray in areas where we can help you and you can help us!


A brief article on CDS and acheiving Meaningful Meaningful use is here 


For an Overview of ways that CDS can help address Meaningful Use, visit the Task Forces's CDS and meaningful use home page


On these pages there are deeper dives into CDS and specific meaningful use requirements: 


Preventing Venous Thromboembolism

 VTE prevention is a clinical meaningful use measure and a major focus for national improvement efforts.  A CDS Task Force workgroup has gathered many insights and tools for applying CDS to VTE prevention.  You can learn more and participate through the links below.


Click here:


Here are other VTE Resources: 


2.  Synthesizing/disseminating best practices for improving outcomes with CDS programs and interventions: 

Success in the many CDS-related aspects of achieving meaningful use will draw on the fundamental work required for effective CDS programs and interventions in general - e.g. thoughtful approaches to governance, goal-setting, measurement, stakeholder engagement, etc.  HIMSS has provided extensive guidance on these topics, e.g. via this wiki and the HIMSS CDS Implementer's Guidebook Series.  Learn more about the series here.


In June 2010 we're kicking off a highly collaborative effort to update the 2005 guide, and welcome your enagement in the process.  He're a page where you can get some information about the project and sign up to participate:CDS Guidebook Update.  The kick off teleconference is in June 23; click here for more information.


The core approach that anchors the CDS guidebook update, and successful CDS interventions in general, is the "CDS Five Rights" model.  Click here to review and help refine a draft framework for applying the CDS Five Rights to performance improvement imperatives such as reducing hospital acquired conditions and readmissions, and improving performance on core measures. 


We are also creating a basic web-based overview of CDS for the HIMSS website. Click here to Participate in the creation of CDS 101 Overview. 


 Additional Information about Wikis and the CDS Task Force


The HIMSS CDS Task Force set up this wiki to help promote the implementation of and collaboration among organizations that are implementing or considering implementation of CDS.   We encourage you to share your experiences and collaborate with your colleagues.


Click here to learn how to participate in the HIMSS CDS Task Force 


 What's a Wiki? It's an easy-to-use Web site that makes it easy to collaborate. Click here for a wiki demo on YouTubeView PowerPoint about Wikis.


Why a Wiki? The wiki provides a forum for stakeholders to develop, use, and discuss Task Force deliverables.  The links below provide access to pages where this conversation and work is unfolding.  Please browse this home page and links, and join us on this important performance improvement journey.


What's the value of participating?  Click here to view testimonials and to share your own comments and thoughts 


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  2. Post CDS Articles in the news: Post and share comments   


  3. Attended an Event?... Share What You Have Learned Here: Join the discussion thread on this topic 

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Explore the wiki and please send any comments or questions to pjohnson@himss.org

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